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The Manote Thiha is a large Vetala that appears in Fortress Vimana guarding the power controls.

General Information[]

The Manote Thiha debuted as the final boss in the Indivisible prototype. Its true form is the purple worm(s) that permeate the main body, the Vetala having possessed the corpses of temple guardians. Upon defeat, the souls of the guardians return to burn the Manote Thiha to death.

Courtesy of its status as the final boss of the prototype, the Manote Thiha keeps its death animation in the final game, making it one of the few enemies to not simply dissipate after battle.

Character Basis[]

The Manote Thiha (also called Manothiha or Manussiha and translates to "man-lion god") is a Burmese mythical creature described as having the face of a man and the body of two lions.





  • Rarely, when the Manote Thiha uses its leaping attack, it will get stuck in an upper layer of the area, rendering it completely out of range from the player, and, due to it shielding the only attacks the player can hit it with (among which including Baozhai's up + ATK move), the player will likely have to restart from their earliest save point.[1]