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Tai Krung City is the largest city in Navar State, a bustling metropolis crammed into a narrow mountain crevice. It is one of the five regions in Loka that surround the Ocean of Milk and is bordered by Ashwat Forest to the west.

General Information[]



Backer Characters[]

  • Colvin (submitted by FrameDodge)
  • Nyanners (requested by ???)
  • Bao (requested by ???)
  • Mach Thi Tien (submitted by ???)
  • ZONE-tan (submitted by ZONE)
  • Yalmart Izael (submitted by ???)
  • News Ninja (submitted by ???)
  • Kension Hayate (submitted by HexerTheHacker)
  • Shen (submitted by ???)
  • Izanamil (submitted by ???)
  • Madison (submitted by ???)
  • Mr Sleeves (submitted by ???)
  • Old Lumberjack (submitted by ???)
  • Haze (submitted by HazyMazePhase)
  • Andrew (submitted by ???)
  • Svinci (submitted by ???)
  • Kana (submitted by ???)
  • Deren (submitted by ???)
  • Mike Z (requested by ???)
  • Madame Puce (submitted by Purple Mantis)
  • Mitsuhide Ryotaro (submitted by NuclearConvoy)
  • One-winged Eagle (submitted by King_Crackers)
  • L (submitted by Dat_Steve_Guy)
  • Lam Zheng (submitted by ???)
  • Auto-Moai-Ton (submitted by KZN02)
  • Dragon Lady (submitted by ???)
  • Chesh (submitted by ???)
  • Taifeng (submitted by ???)
  • Lilith (submitted by ???)




  • The backer character Mike Z is named and based on the head developer of Indivisible, although contrary to popular belief, his inclusion was due to a backer paying for the appropriate NPC tier and requesting the appearance based on a joke, despite Mike's protests.